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Nothing is too late.

Jan. 21st, 2011

11:11 pm - Winter Vacation.... and this time....

Exams were finished it means the winter vacation is coming.......... yaay~~~~ still waiting the result of the 3 remaining subjects.... I wish I can pass them all -___-;;;;

Current Mood: worriedworried

Aug. 24th, 2009

01:43 am - If loving someone is hurt, then is it best not to love?

The first time I felt the feeling called 'like' then turn into 'care' and 'love', I began to feel hurt. Seeing the person I like doesn't return my feeling, that feeling is so hurt, but yet I can't deny the reality.
Love, what is the requirement to be loved by someone you love? Is being yourself is enough? If it's not enough then... is the love we feel is pure?

If loving someone is hurt, then is it best not to love?

Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: This ain't what love is about --- a1

Jul. 23rd, 2009

03:22 pm - No one is perfect

Whenever I can't accomplish something or make a mistake, I always think too much about it. I know no one is perfect, we can make mistake, but it seems that I can't forgive my carelessness. Maybe when I made the mistake I felt just a bit uncomfortable but... the more time passed, the feeling became heavier. It's so strange... I tried not to think too much about it but... I ended up think about it again and again.
Is it worthed to feel guilty for a long time? Can I get over this guilty feeling? Maybe I just trying to be better or I want to be perfect?

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

Jun. 25th, 2009

04:14 pm - Strange day

Today, a friend of mine asked me to company her to a photoshot session. She asked me long time ago and I agreed to accompany her. If it was just accompany her, I think it was fine. But I was wrong. Accompany someone and waiting is 2 different verb. From accompany became waiting her during the photoshot was really boring. I accidently slept there and when I woke up... she still needed 3 more clothes to take... I was already waiting for 3,5 hours and still must wait more.
I hate to wait for someone especially for a long long time. There was mall there, but I couldn't tell her I wanted to walk around, maybe she thought we could go around together after the photoshot session was over, no idea what she was thinking at that time. At lunch time, I didn't know maybe we were different, if I was her, I would ask her to go to find food first; but she said nothing moreover I didn't have breakfast (this was my fault) and she knew it.
In the end, she asked me if I wanted to go home first, even I said yes in the end, I felt so guilty and well... I didn't know what she thought of me at that time, but whatever in her mind, I wouldn't regret my decision. I wouldn't care if the other friends would blame me or called me sadist.
It was a lesson for me too, never agree again to accompany someone to a photoshot session!

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

Jun. 24th, 2009

05:29 pm - Long time no see

It's been so long since the last time I opened this site. No that because I don't want to open it but for some reason I can't open it from my internet at home. How long it has been? 1 year? 2 years?
Anyway I won't be able to open this site frequently but for sure I will try to open once I can ^^ See you around ;)

Current Mood: cheerfulyay~~

Jul. 17th, 2007

09:08 pm - HELP ME...!!!

Is there anyone can help me with computer problem??? Something is wrong with my computer. It suddenly turn off when the CPU performance is 100% for arround 30 seconds. It happens a lot... x___x What happen to my computer...
Also... is there a way to clean all of NAV system in computer??? I'm hopeless now...
Well... i don't think anyone will visit this page...lol... but if there is someone who can help... I really appreciate it. Thanks...

Current Mood: depresseddepressed

Jul. 10th, 2007

09:25 pm - 幸福和快乐

幸福和快乐Collapse )

Current Mood: relievedrelieved
Current Music: a1 - One In Love

Jun. 4th, 2007

08:43 pm - Is it true that we can learn to love someone?

I don't know about it... can we learn to love someone? and most of all... what is love?

It's a simple word right, LOVE, but do we know what is its meaning? Is it the same with like and care? if not what is the different, how do we know the different? How do we know if we love someone?

Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: Gina T - Sail Over Seven Seas

Jun. 2nd, 2007

03:44 pm - It....

After she said like that... I realize, I'm still need to learn more. Yeah, it's hurt, but what can I do. Since my dad left us, i can't trust anyone. Once I found someone I can share with, I'm happy but... I can't always do that. My friend has his or her own problem to solve.

Yeah... qta gak isa bergantung sama saudara dan teman kan ^__^

Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: Jimmy Lin - 生日礼物

03:05 pm - JJ's song....

Hi... long time no see ^__^ this one as I promise... JJ Lin's song, the pin yin...

JJ Lin's SongCollapse )

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Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Current Music: Richard Marx and Donna Lewis - At the Beginning

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